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Colon Cancer Surgery: Two Techniques Ensuring Best Outcomes

As discussed in one of our previous blog posts, When to Have a Colonoscopy, the American Cancer Society states colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer for men and women in the United States today. With this high rate of cancer diagnosis, much emphasis is placed on best methods to surgically treat colon cancer to ensure best possible patient outcomes.

When receiving a colon cancer diagnosis, your surgeon is the best resource for answering the many questions you will naturally have in mind. The first question many patients have is in regards to the surgery itself. Today, there are two types of surgeries commonly used to manage colon cancer. Open surgery, the more traditional surgical technique, refers to the process of creating a large abdominal incision to access and treat the cancerous site. Laparoscopic surgery is the minimally invasive alternative to open surgery. With laparoscopic surgery, three or four small keyhole incisions are utilized along with a very small, flexible tube outfitted with a video camera to enable surgeons to clearly see the cancerous site and manage it as needed.   Sometimes, the images seen during a laparoscopic procedure require surgeons to convert to open surgery to effectively treating the cancerous site. Your surgeon will determine the surgery technique best suited to your care needs, factoring in information such as prior surgeries and other medical information. Above all, as a patient you should feel comfortable asking any questions necessary to fully understand your care options. When in doubt, ask!

At Spring Ridge Surgical Specialists, Dr. Joseph Levan, Dr. Thomas Beetel, and Dr. Robert Howard all take pride in having thorough discussions with patients prior to and after colon cancer surgery. With a combined 45 years of experience in treating colon cancer, Dr. Levan, Dr. Beetel, and Dr. Howard offer superior care in all phases of colon cancer management needed for your best possible outcome. Click here to make an appointment today.