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Medical Education

Are You An Informed Patient?

Gone are the days when there was no easy access to medical information to help patients self-educate and become informed on particular health topics. Since its inception nearly twenty years ago, the Internet has served an unprecedented role in providing knowledge and insight on countless topics. WebMD, anyone?

Additionally, here in Berks County there are numerous health fairs conducted throughout the year offering general information in a wide variety of topics to help patients stay informed on health care options.

At Spring Ridge Surgical Specialists, we encourage patients to educate themselves regarding their care options. This ideally begins before the first appointment so patients can refer to their own list of prepared questions when meeting with one of our physicians. One of the great benefits to this approach is the open dialogue occurring right from the beginning, resulting in a very productive consultation. An example of questions that are recommended to ask any health care provider can be found on our website’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

With patient education serving such a critical role in making personal health care decisions, it is no wonder there are so many online sources of medical information available today. It’s a good idea to explore a few different sites to gather views on a given topic then discuss your findings with your physician. By doing so, you’ll play an active role in making informed health care decisions best for you.

If you have a health concern for which you need a surgical consultation, you can request an appointment with Dr. Levan, Dr. Beetel or Dr. Howard by clicking here.